Security Underwriting Managers
  • SUM will go the distance

  • SUM is on your team

  • SUM is there after the storm

  •                      SUM will add value to your business

  • Our experience will help you prepare

  • When the storm comes be covered





About us

Our company is the SUM of all its parts.  We take pride in putting people first.  Our team is dedicated to our partners and their customers.

Our team

Team work makes the dream work.  Our stregnth is anchored in the diversity of our team.  We find that having  differences gives us the advantage.

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Our Values

SUM is a company that is built around our people.  We invest in our team and build on our stregnths.  Our philosophy is to constantly change and be continuously improving.

Security Underwriting Managers Inc.

SUM our skills and experience to your team, we are your partner

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5959 Blue Lagoon Dr. #302

Miami, FL 33126

(305) 263-6650