kite Premium Financing

Security Underwriting Managers is proud to offer premium financing through our affiliate sister company Security Premium Finance, Inc. on all Personal / Commercial accounts. Our rates are competitive and financing is easy! Leveraging their experience and expertise Security Premium Finance, Inc. will deliver the speed you need and make sure every interaction feels like a partnership.

We offer the following payment options:

Pay-By-Web gives insured’s 24/7 access to make an online payment from their checking/savings accounts. Although this payment method works just like a check it does not require a physical check and your transaction will show on your Bank Statement.

Additionally we provide billing statements; each insured is sent a billing statement approximately 17 days before an installment is due. The client simply uses the payment invoice and mails the payment to our office.

Pay-By-Phone also allows our insured  24/7 access to make a payment from their checking/savings accounts. Same day phone payments may be made between 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM Monday through Thursday, Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Contact Security Premium Finance, Inc. 305-269-1975.

Credit/debit card payments (Visa® & MasterCard® only) are available. Payment will be credited to your account next day, cancellation or intent to cancel will be placed on hold.

If an insured desires, a coupon book can be created at the beginning of the loan. The insured then simply sends in the appropriate coupon with the payment. Payments are credited to the account when it is received in our office.  Include your payment coupon and your account number on your check.

Mail Payment to:

Security Premium Finance
P.O. Box 441088
Miami, Florida 33144-1088

ACH Debit automatically removes each installment from the insured’s bank account on the installment due date.
If your insured would like their premium finance installment to be debited from their account automatically, please fill out the direct debit authorization form and return to the finance company. The finance company’s contact information is located on the form.

We hope you will consider using our competitive financing on all of your Security Underwriting Managers Personal / Commercial business. To get started today simply contact us. We will send you more detailed information and help you get started right away!

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