General Contractors – “A” Rated Market


kite Retain your commission at point of sale

  • Fast 24 hours turn around on all submitted accounts for Quote or Bind
  • Minimum Premium $800 most classes
    GC $2,500 / Roofers $3,000
  • Will Quote with any application

kite Highlights

  • Large Limits up to $1M/$2M/$2M
  • Blanket additional Insured available
  • $2,500 minimum deductible/Self Insured Retention Max $25,000
  • Blanket and Individual endorsements available include: Primary Wording, Waiver of Subrogation, Stop Gap, GL20101185, project specific aggregate and many others

60 Classes Available:

Commercial Paper GC’s · Artisan Contractors · Developers & Tract · Custom Home Builders · Roofers

kite Premium Financing Available

Email your submissions to: [email protected]