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Taking steps to manage and ultimately reduce the risk of a legal malpractice lawsuit is very important. However, it is equally important to have adequate protection to cover current and very real exposures. Here are “SUM” considerations to help your client assess their professional liability needs. Could their assets be jeopardized by insufficient insurance limits? Do they maintain sufficient error and omission insurance limits to allow for greater marketability to prospective clients? Has their area of practice changed and become a higher risk? Do the law firms’ clients require them to carry a certain minimum insurance limit? From small to large firms, we have the markets to support your client’s needs. Coverage is available on admitted paper in certain states.

Acceptable Classes:

  • Small to medium legal firms
  • Larger firms (over 50 attorneys)

 Coverage highlights

  • Bi-Lateral Extended Reported Period
  • Personal Injury /Advertising Extension
  • Client Discrimination Extension
  • Predecessor Firm Coverage
  • Disciplinary Expense Reimbursement
  • Regulatory Inquiry Extension
  • Mediation Deductible Credit of 50%





  • Spouse and Domestic Partner Extension
  • Multiple ERP Options
  • Subpoena Assistance Extension Additional coverage available
  • Aggregate Deductible
  • Defense Expenses in addition to the Limit
  • First Dollar Defense Deductible

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